Thanks to God 感謝神

Piano Duet Series 鋼琴四手聯彈系列 – Book 30

Thanks and praises to our heavenly Father that the last hymn no. 300 of the Piano Duet Series Book 30 has now been completed. Since starting the first book back in July 2017 for my son, on and off, with the help of the Lord I managed to keep it going as planned to complete a series of books, each one based on a theme and comprised of 10 hymns. The piano duet series started off with no. 001 “He Leadeth Me” all the way and after 4 years, it concluded with no. 300 “Thanks to God”.

Also thanks the Lord that not only my own children have the chance to try these out, I use these as teaching materials for my piano students (TJC members and non TJC members) to learn as homework as well as quick-study and sight-reading practices for advance students. An excellent opportunity to help our younger members to know and appreciate our hymns. Furthermore, a chance to introduce our church and preach to non TJC members.

May the Lord continue to guide this music ministry work. All glory and honour be unto our one true God.

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