About 關於

Andrew Hsu



Being a member of the True Jesus Church since childhood, I am now living in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I am  a graduate of Trinity College of Music, London having studied piano, violin and orchestral conducting.  I have worked as private/school instrumental teacher as well as classroom music teacher in secondary schools for over 30 years.  I have directed various ensembles and enjoyed arranging and orchestrating for these groups.

Soon after I started working as a peripatetic instrumental instructor, I had the opportunity to learn to use “Finale” – a professional notation software.  This motivated my adventure in arranging hymn tunes for piano, generating output especially for birthdays of younger pianists in church.  After moving back to live in UK, I now devote much of my spare time in creating many new arrangements of hymn tunes for church.

The following pages you will find arrangements for accompaniment, choir, piano solo and vocal solo.  Please feel free to download and share with others in your church.

If need for an arrangement, I am quite happy to have a go. Click “Contact” at top right menu with a word or two about exactly what is needed and a new arrangement can be made.