Piano Duet Backing Tracks

Do you find yourself losing motivation when playing and practising hymns on your own? Especially during this pandemic, when we are not able to see other members and play the piano in church?

Playing duets can provide hours of fun. It gives motivation to excel and brings purpose to practice. Playing duets helps greatly with timing and development of rhythm. Players are forced to keep in time and listen to the other part. No stopping or going back to fix a mistake – as your partner is also playing and moving forward. Playing with four hands instead of two means that more notes can be played, resulting in a sound and harmony which is richer, fuller and more impressive.

To make these duets more accessible, backing tracks have been created. You can now play along with the other part via a backing track. So why not take up a new year challenge and give it a go?

Click to Download Page

Piano Duet Series Book 1


He Leadeth Me 耶 穌 領 我

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