More Piano Duet Backing Tracks

When the first Piano Duet Book “He Leadeth Me” came out in July 2017, I had played through these duets with my son, students, friends and church members. Everyone enjoyed these precious opportunities to use both of their hands to learn, praise and serve God with joy and one accord. Although now on Book 26 already, not many people know the existence of these duets and therefore they are not been able to explore and come together to play.

The introduction of backing tracks to these duets serve as a bridge to help us not only to learn and play, but more importantly praise our Heavenly Father. Appreciating the wonderful melodies passing from one player to the other, learning to adapt and coordinate the balance between each player, projecting the tune while the other accompanying quietly in the background.

The backing tracks for the first five books from the Piano Duet Series are now ready to be downloaded and enjoyed. “He Leadeth Me” because “Jesus Loves Me”. “Jesus Saves Me” by dying on the cross. We can overcome this world and have “Victory in Jesus”. “Bringing in the Sheaves” as He has commanded us.

Please feel free to download and share with other church members.

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