New Choral Series

For the past few years, I have arranged many piano duets. They are not only fun to play, but require skill to play in time with either a real or virtual partner. As each hymn covers wider compass on the keyboard with four hands, it naturally sounds fuller and richer in tone quality. These piano duets can also be excellent material to use as piano accompaniment for singing and choir presentation.

The New Choral Series will use these piano duets as the backbone for accompaniment and create vocal parts by mapping on top. Available in both English and Chinese.

May the Lord Jesus continue to guide the music ministry of our church.

All glory and praises be to our heavenly Father.

No. 1 > All Hail the Power of Jesus’s Name [Honour the Lord as King] 尊主為王

SATB Choir and four hands piano
Music: James Ellor
Lyrics: Edward Perronet

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