Piano Duet Series – Relaunch

3 months into 2021, still looking for more hymn tunes to practice? Look no further than these exciting and fun piano arrangements for four hands. No worries if you are alone because now you can play with a virtual partner with the help of backing tracks. As well as praising our heavenly Father with ten fingers, you can plough through over 250 pieces provding hours of fun and enjoyment!

With the relaunch of the Piano Duet Series, you can now access to each book on the new page layout –

  1. List of titles
  2. Listen to hymns online
  3. Download sheet music to accompany your listening as well as playing
  4. Download sample MP3 tracks to your device
  5. Download the whole set of backing tracks and sheet music to practise

~ check out how to use backing tracks here ~

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