New Choral Series No. 10

I have a good memory of this hymn from young. Not long after both my brother and myself started to learn the piano, my dad played this hymn on the piano. When my dad had a break returning home from attending theological training from Taiwan, he sat at the piano and play this hymn. Quite easy to learn as the right hand mainly has chords of 3rds and 6ths. Not a long hymn, slow tempo and is in the key of C major.

No dynamic markings are needed in the piece as the music and lyrics speak for itself – Our Lord God is our refuge and a place of shelter for us all.

New Choral Series – No. 10

Beneath the Shelter of the Lord

SATB Choir, Flute and four hands piano accompaniment

with English, Chinese, Malay and Tonic Solfa

Music: Thomas Hastings

Lyrics: Translated from Chinese Hymns of Praise, 2011

Arranged by Andrew Hsu

新合唱系列 – No. 10


四部合唱, 長笛和鋼琴四手聯彈伴奏

英文, 中文, 馬拉文 [ 附簡譜 ]

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